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PSA Schedule of Rates for Decoration Work

Ninth Edition - PDF

TSO (The Stationery Office)
Price: £83.33 (£100.00 inc. VAT)
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The PSA Schedule of Rates for Decoration Work is aimed at Measured Term Contracts and provides a definitive price guide for estimating, tendering and contracting for all aspects of decoration work.

The PSA Schedule of Rates for Decoration Work covers the following sections:

  • General directions

  • Employer's requirements for temporary works

  • Contractor's general cost items for temporary works

  • Decorative papers and fabrics

  • Painting and clear finishing

  • Signs and notices

Extent 76 pages ISBN 9780117069015
Size 2.5Mb Price £83.33 (£100.00 inc. VAT)
Format PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 13 Jan 2012
Availability Available Immediately Availability help (opens in new window)
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