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Business and Finance Annual Subscriptions

QA Register

On-line Subscription
Frequency - Annual

The QA Register is the ideal means to check the certification credentials of your contractors and supplies and is the official directory listing of UKAS accredited certifications.

QA Register

  • Sub. No.: 7003035
  • Price: £428.00
    (£513.60 inc. VAT)

Monthly Panorama of European Business

(Formerly Monthly Panorama of European Industry)
Frequency - Approx. 11 times a year

Contains statistics, graphs and comments on recent trends in European Industry. The first part deals with overall trends covering the intermediate goods, capital goods and consumer goods sectors. The second part focuses on two specific industries in detail. Now also incorporates data from former 'Distributive Trade, Services and Transport' .

Also available:

Frequency - Monthly

Financial Market Trends

Print and Internet Access available

This publication provides OECD's analysis of financial developments in the major international & national financial markets represented through commentary, statistics and charts.

Financial Market Trends, Internet Access

  • Sub. No.: 7801003
  • Price: £50.00
    (£60.00 inc. VAT)

Financial Statistics

Frequency - Monthly with annual supplement

Financial Statistics provides data on a wide variety of financial topics including financial accounts for sectors of the economy, government income and expenditure, public sector borrowing, banking statistics, monetary aggregates, institutional investment, company finance and liquidity, security prices and exchange and interest rates.

Also available:

International Monetary Fund
Frequency - Monthly + a yearbook issue

Iron and Steel: Monthly Statistics

Print and PDF available
Frequency: Monthly

This publication presents short-term economic statistics on the production of pig-iron, crude steel, rolled finished products, production indices, new orders, deliveries and orders in hand, external trade in ECSC iron and steel products, consumption and receipts of scrap and the number of short-time workers.

How to Manage Business and IT Strategies

Frequency: Annual
IT is a key part of today's business planning, whether it is used for managing business information or supporting new services to customers. This guide discusses IT in business terms as a means of improving services and reducing costs.

How to Manage Business Change

Frequency: Annual
Business change, whether planned or unplanned, must be managed if your organisation is to benefit. This guide explains how to manage the key components of business change - the organisation, its people, the technology and the external business environment.

How to Manage Performance

Frequency: Annual
Most organisations seek year-on-year improvements as part of their key business targets. This guide (developed in collaboration with the National Audit Office) explains the principles of how to manage your organisation's performance by looking to the future as well as measuring past performance.

How to Manage Service Acquisition

Frequency: Annual
Value for money is the prime concern when buying IT-related services, such as e-business. Achieving true value for money means finding the optimum combination of whole life costs and quality to meet the business requirement, not just buying at the lowest price.

How to Manage Service Provision

Frequency: Annual
Managing Providers and services is all about achieving a realistic balance between what the business and the provider can deliver while maintaining value for money.