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Daily List 194

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Wednesday 7 October 2015


Western Pacific regional framework for action for disaster risk management for health.

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific

The regional framework positions the health sector as a key actor in the broader disaster risk management agenda. This is of special significance considering the March 2015 United Nations World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, and upcoming meetings on the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Regional Framework for Action for Disaster Risk Management for Health recommends health sector actions for each of the four phases of the disaster risk management cycle - prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Governments should select priorities on which to focus according to their own national disaster risk management plans, as well as the local context and potential hazards.

  • ISBN: 9789290617082
  • 13.00


Ships' routeing. 2015 ed.

Corporate Author:
International Maritime Organization

The aims of ensuring the greatest possible safety of shipping and cleanliness of oceans are promoted in many ways, one of which is the routeing measures to control the navigation of vessels and to monitor their progress. The measures that are described or defined in parts A and H of this publication are individually described in parts B (traffic separation schemes and inshore traffic zones), C (deepwater routes), D (areas to be avoided), E (other routeing measures, such as recommended tracks, two-way routes and recommended directions of traffic flow), F (the rules and recommendations on navigation that are associated with particular traffic areas and straits), G (mandatory ship reporting systems, mandatory routeing systems and mandatory no anchoring areas) and H (archipelagic sea lanes). This edition incorporates routeing measures that have been adopted before July 2015.

  • ISBN: 9789280116250
  • 120.00