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Daily List 171

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Friday 4 September 2015


Radiation processed materials in products from polymers for agricultural applications.

IAEA-TECDOC series 1745.
Corporate Author:
International Atomic Energy Agency

This publication results from a technical meeting on radiation processed materials in products from polymers for agricultural applications, which was held from 8 to 12 July 2013 at the IAEA in Vienna. The meeting provided a forum for the sharing of practical experiences and lessons learned, and reviewed the recent developments in the use of radiation technologies for the preparation of environmental friendly products based on polymers for agricultural applications.

  • ISBN: 9789201064141
  • 16.50


Operating experience from events reported to the IAEA Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors.

IAEA-TECDOC series 1762.
Corporate Author:
International Atomic Energy Agency

The Incident Reporting System for Research Reactors (IRSRR), which is operated by the IAEA, is an important tool for international exchange of operating experience feedback for research reactors. The IRSRR reports contain information on events of safety significance with their root causes and lessons learned which help in reducing the occurrence of similar events at research reactors. To improve the effectiveness of the system, it is essential that national organizations demonstrate an appropriate interest for the timely reporting of events important to safety and share the information in the IRSRR database. This publication highlights the root causes, safety significance, lessons learned, corrective actions and the causal factors for the events reported to the IRSRR up to September 2014. The publication also contains relevant summary information on research reactor events from sources other than the IRSRR, operating experience feedback from the International Reporting System for Operating Experience considered relevant to research reactors, and a description of the elements of an operating experience programme as established by the IAEA safety standards

  • ISBN: 9789201006158
  • 16.50


Strengthening vital statistics systems: what are the practical interventions to reduce ignorance and uncertainty about causes of death and disease burden in the Asia Pacific region?.

Policy brief 3, No. 2.
Corporate Author:
World Health Organization. Regional Office for the Western Pacific

This policy brief proposes a framework with a series of actions that are based on the literature and national expereinces with intervention strategies according to the level of statistical development of a country.

  • ISBN: 9789290616870
  • 8.50


Guidelines for surveillance of drug resistance in tuberculosis. 5th ed.

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization

This fifth edition of the Guidelines for surveillance of drug resistance in tuberculosis is an updated version of earlier editions published in 1994, 1997, 2003 and 2009. The document takes into account recent advancements in laboratory diagnostics and subsequent WHO guidance. The aim of this document is to assist national tuberculosis control programmes (NTPs) in developing the strongest possible mechanisms of surveillance, starting from periodic countryspecific surveys of sampled patients with an ultimate goal of establishing routine continuous surveillance systems based on systematic drug susceptibility testing (DST). Although mechanisms for carrying out surveillance vary from country to country, these guidelines promote certain standardized criteria for surveillance within the Global Project to ensure that results are comparable between participating countries, as well as within countries over time. The target audience of this document is the NTP and, in particular, a coordination team for surveillance ideally composed of the NTP manager, laboratory specialist, logistics specialist, epidemiologist, and statistician. This document is divided into three parts. Part I describes the principles of the Global Project that should be considered fundamental to both continuous surveillance systems and surveys. Part II describes the steps needed to plan and implement a survey in order to determine the burden of MDR-TB in a given area, as well as manage and interpret the collected data. Part III describes an approach to monitoring trends in drug resistance over time. This section is relevant

  • ISBN: 9789241549134
  • 17.00

IT and Communications

Adopting service governance: governing portfolio value for sound corporate citizenship [PDF].

Corporate Author:
Peter Brooks

Adopting Service Governance provides a useful umbrella for a number of frameworks including ITIL, TOGAF, Cobit, ITSM, BSM, Business Analysis, Programme Management, Management of Value, Management of Portfolios and Management of Risk by establishing the top-down governance of an organisation through services. The purpose of the book is to bring service governance to the attention of boards to encourage the use of ITIL best practice, not just for IT service management but for business service governance. It is intended to be a short and readable guide prescribing how a governing body should be adopted by an organization and how to establish the effectiveness of the adoption. A complementary title to the ITIL suite.

  • ISBN: 9780113314669
  • 35.00