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Daily List 231

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Thursday 27 November 2014


Slovak Republic.

OECD economic surveys 2014/16.
Corporate Author:
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Slovakia's dynamic growth has depended mainly on export-oriented manufacturing FDI, located largely in western Slovakia; the central and eastern part of the country is lagging behind. Government debt has risen sharply since the 2009 global crisis and is now running into constitutional debt ceilings. Indeed, it is too high to allow automatic stabilisers to work. The short-term economic recovery will depend on the improvement of euro area confidence, which will be necessary to finance investments in a context of fiscal restraint. In the longer term, structural reforms in the public sector and to raise growth in the lagging regions will be needed.

  • ISBN: 9789264113572
  • 41.00

Education and Training

OECD reviews of evaluation and assessment in education: Slovak Republic 2014.

OECD reviews of evaluation and assessment in education
Claire Shewbridge

This report for the Slovak Republic forms part of the OECD Review on Evaluation and Assessment Frameworks for Improving School Outcomes. The purpose of the Review is to explore how systems of evaluation and assessment can be used to improve the quality, equity and efficiency of school education. The Review looks at the various components of assessment and evaluation frameworks that countries use with the objective of improving student outcomes. These include student assessment, teacher appraisal, school evaluation and system evaluation.

  • ISBN: 9789264117037
  • 36.00

IT and Communications

Planning, protection and optimization: ITIL 2011 intermediate capability handbook (PDF).

Corporate Author:

This guide provides a quick reference to the processes covered by the ITIL V3 PPO syllabus. It is designed as a study aid for students taking the ITIL Capability qualification for PPO, and as a handy portable reference source for practitioners who work with these processes.

  • ISBN: 9780113314560
  • 13.14 (inc. VAT)

Law & Order

Counter-terrorism and Security Bill.

House of Commons bills (2014-15) - 127.

On 29 August 2014, the independent Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) raised the UK national terrorist threat level from SUBSTANTIAL to SEVERE. Approximately 500 individuals of interest to the police and security services have travelled from the UK to Syria and the region since the start of the conflict. It is estimated half of these have returned. This Bill brings provisions in six main areas. First, it would strengthen powers to place temporary restrictions on travel where a person is suspected of involvement in terrorism. Second, it would enhance existing Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures to monitor and control the actions of individuals in the UK who pose a threat. Third, it would enhance law enforcement agencies' ability to investigate terrorism and serious crime by extending the retention of relevant communications data to include data that will help to identify who is responsible for sending a communication on the internet or accessing an internet communications service. Fourth, it would strengthen security arrangements in relation to the border and to aviation, maritime and rail transport. Fifth, it would reduce the risk of people being drawn into terrorism, by enhancing the programmes that combat the underlying ideology which supports terrorism through improved engagement from partner organisations and consistency of delivery. Sixth, it would amend existing terrorism legislation to clarify the law in relation to both insurance payments made in response to terrorist demands and the power to examine goods under the Terrorism Act 2000

  • ISBN: 9780215079589
  • 7.00