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Monday 29 June 2015


Regional economic issues, April 2015: Europe: the Western Balkans: 15 years of economic transition.

Regional economic issues special report
Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund

This report analyses the main economic developments and achievements in the Western Balkan countries, and lays out the key macroeconomic policy challenges for the future.

  • ISBN: 9781498356510
  • 28.00


Regional economic outlook: Asia and Pacific: stabilizing and outperforming other region.

World economic and financial surveys
Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund

Asia and the Pacific remains the global growth leader, albeit with a moderated pace of expansion since the global financial crisis. There is considerable diversity across the region: growth in China is slowing to a more sustainable pace, while in Japan a pickup in growth is expected. Non-oil commodity exporters have experienced sharply falling prices, while net importers have benefited from large changes in terms of trade. The April 2015 Regional Economic Outlook examines the volatility risks from this regional diversity, as well as Asia and Pacific's role in global value chains and the factors affecting financial integration in Asia.

  • ISBN: 9781498339841
  • 28.00


Global financial stability report: navigating monetary policy challenges and managing risks.

World economic and financial surveys
Corporate Author:
International Monetary Fund

The current report finds that, despite an improvement in economic prospects in some key advanced economies, new challenges to global financial stability have arisen. The global financial system is being buffeted by a series of changes, including lower oil prices and, in some cases, diverging growth patterns and monetary policies. Expectations for rising U.S. policy rates sparked a significant appreciation of the U.S. dollar, while long term bond yields in many advanced economies have decreased and have turned negative for almost a third of euro area sovereign bonds on disinflation concerns and the prospect of continued monetary accommodation. Emerging markets are caught in these global cross currents, with some oil exporters and other facing new stability challenges, while others have gained more policy space as a result of lower fuel prices and reduced inflationary pressures. The report also examines changes in international banking since the global financial crisis and finds that these changes are likely to promote more stable bank lending in host countries. Finally, the report finds that the asset management industry needs to strengthen its oversight framework to address financial stability risks from incentive problems between end-investors and portfolio managers and the risk of runs due to liquidity mismatches.

  • ISBN: 9781498372930
  • 53.00


European Union (Approvals) Bill (HL): explanatory notes.

House of Lords bills - Explanatory notes (2015-16) - 51-EN.

The purpose of the Bill is to approve two draft decisions of the Council of the European Union. This is to fulfil a requirement in section 8 of the European Union Act 2011 ("2011 Act") which will enable the United Kingdom to vote in favour of the draft decisions. The first draft decision is on the participation of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as an observer in the work of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. The second draft decision is to update the instrument that formalises the Tripartite Social Summit (TSS), the long-established forum for high-level consultation between the EU institutions and the EU social partners. A new decision was proposed in order to take account of the changes in the EU's legal and institutional framework in the last decade.

  • ISBN: 9780108556715
  • 3.00


Investing to overcome the global impact of neglected tropical diseases: third WHO report on neglected tropical diseases 2015.

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization

This publication presents an investment strategy for NTDs and analyses the specific investment case for prevention, control, elimination and eradication of 12 of the 17 NTDs. Such an analysis is justified following the adoption by the Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly in 2013 of resolution WHA6612 on neglected tropical diseases, which called for sufficient and predictable funding to achieve the Roadmap's targets and sustain control efforts. The report registers progress and challenges and signals those that lie ahead. Climate change is expected to increase the spread of several vector-borne NTDs, notably dengue, transmission of which is directly influenced by temperature, rainfall, relative humidity and climate variability primarily through their effects on the vector. Investments in vector-borne diseases will avoid the potentially catastrophic expenditures associated with their control. The presence of NTDs will thereby signal an early warning system for climate-sensitive diseases. The ultimate goal is to deliver enhanced and equitable interventions to the most marginalized populations in the context of a changing public-health and investment landscape to ensure that all peoples affected by NTDs have an opportunity to lead healthier and wealthier lives.

  • ISBN: 9789241564861
  • 23.00


Air navigation: the order and the regulations. 4th ed., incorporating Amdendment 1/2015.

CAP 393.
Corporate Author:
Civil Aviation Authority

This work sets out the provisions of the Air Navigation Order and regulations made thereunder. This edition supersedes the January 2015 4th edition (ISBN 9780117928862)

  • ISBN: 9780117928954
  • 107.50


Highway Code Extra - the Official Rules and Signs 2015 edition. 2015 ed.

Corporate Author:
Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency

This set includes The Official Highway Code 2015 edition and Know Your Traffic Signs. Just 6.99

  • ISBN: 9780115534126
  • 6.99