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Biometrics Standards & Publications


BSI offers biometric standards for identity management that are essential for those concerned with government contracts and procurement and the enhancement of their IT security through the identification of personnel and/or physical access control.

A Biometric System is a system for the automated recognition of individuals based on their behavioural and biological characteristics.

Standards development is being undertaken in a number of groupings. Each of these groupings includes a series of standards, where some parts in the series are already completed or soon to be published, and others are still 'work in progress'.

Interfaces: Standardization of interfaces and interactions between biometric components and sub-systems, including security mechanisms, e.g.

Data Formats: Standardization of the content, meaning and representation of biometric interchange formats, e.g.

Profiles: Standardization of biometric base standards to application profiles, e.g.

Testing: Standardization of biometric performance metric definitions and calculations; approaches to test performance and requirements for reporting, e.g.

Societal: Study and standardization of technical solutions to societal aspects of biometric implementation, e.g.

Vocabulary: Standardization of vocabulary used for biometrics, e.g.

The Latest Key Biometrics Standards: