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British Honours System

Managed by The Cabinet Office, the British Honours system has evolved over 650 years as the country has found alternative means of recognising merit, gallantry and service.

Honours are given to people who have made a difference to their community, from varying backgrounds in all sections of society. There are several different types of award, each one recognising a different type of contribution.

Honours lists are published twice yearly: at New Year and on the date of The Queen's official birthday in June. Anyone can nominate someone for an award. Anyone can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service.

More on the Gazettes

Gazettes logo The London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes are the official Newspapers of Record in the United Kingdom.

A wide range of State, Legal and Public notices are disseminated online, electronically and through printed copy. As a result, the Gazette has entered the English language: when official notice of a bankruptcy is published, the person is said to have been "gazetted".

The majority of these notices are statutory, often announcing insolvency many readers such as financial institutions, accountants and lawyers find the London Gazette crucial to their business needs.

A number of supplements are published including the Queen's New Year and Birthday Honours, Armed Forces awards and promotions, Premium Bond Winning Numbers and Unclaimed Prizes and the Company Law Supplement.

In addition, the Gazettes archive is of great interest to historians, professional and amateur. The London Gazette dates back to 1665 and highlights include the Great Fire of London, Waterloo and Trafalgar, the first Victoria Cross, and World Wars I and II.

Gazette Direct

The London, Belfast and Edinburgh Gazettes are all also available electronically. Through the Gazette Direct decision support data feeds, organisations can manage fraud and credit risk and identify new business development opportunities.

By applying structured insolvency data from Gazette Direct to your customer relationship management systems, you can identify and monitor companies and individuals as they pass through the key stages of insolvency.

Gazette Direct provides the information you want, in a bespoke format that best suits your needs, delivered direct on the day of publication or on a weekly basis as PDF, Excel or XML feed. Click here for more information about Gazette Direct.

For more information, please call Corporate Sales on +44 (0)1603 696701 or email:

London Gazette London Gazette
Published daily (Monday to Friday) by The Stationery Office, The London Gazette contains notices which must be made public because of a statutory requirement to do so before certain legal powers can be exercised or legal procedures finalised. ...more
Annual subscription: 425.00 TSO Subscription No: 7003011
Edinburgh Gazette Edinburgh Gazette
Published twice weekly by The Stationery Office, The Edinburgh Gazette is a similar publication to both the London and Belfast Gazettes, covering notices of a legal and public nature. Information is given on notices of bankruptcies, appointment of liquidators or meetings of creditors. ...more
Annual subscription: 100.00 TSO Subscription No: 7002050
Belfast Gazette Belfast Gazette
Published weekly by The Stationery Office, The Belfast Gazette is a similar publication to the London and Edinburgh Gazettes. It contains notices that by law must be made public and also includes notices on bankruptcies and appointment of liquidators....more
Annual subscription: 75.00 TSO Subscription No: 7002060

Gazettes Online

Gazettes OnlineAll Gazette notices and supplements are archived online and available to view at Gazettes Online. TSO are currently in the process of digitising the entire archive back to 1665, soon to be available online.

With the development of the website and its premium services, this historic journal has entered the digital age and is primed for further success in the next century.

Supplements including the Queen's New Year and Birthday Honours, Armed Forces awards and promotions, Premium Bond Winning Numbers and Unclaimed Prizes and the Company Law Supplement are, at present, available on microfiche only.

For more information, please visit Gazettes Online.

Individual Gazette issues

To order individual copies of the Gazette please use the Gazette issue search facility.

Where London and Belfast Gazette backlist copies (prior to 2003) are not available to print on the website, please call the Photocopy Department on +44 (0)207 873 8447.

Queen's Awards Supplements

The London Gazette New Year Honours List Supplement 2013

The New Year Honours list reflects and pays tribute to outstanding achievement and service across the community. This years' Honours list is dominated by London 2012 medallists including cyclist Bradley Wiggins, sailor Ben Ainslie and Paralympic wheelchair athlete David Weir....more

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The London Gazette Birthday Honours List Supplement - June 2013

The Queen's Birthday Honours List 2013 is awarded at the celebrations of Her Majesty's birthday. The Honours List pays tribute to those who have made remarkable achievements and served their communities exceptionally....more

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Just Published...

The London Gazette New Year Honours List Supplement 2014

The main United Kingdom, or Prime Minister's list, details the people from all walks of life awarded honours for the New Year 2014. Separate lists are also published for honours awarded in a number of dependencies and overseas territories. ...more

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