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Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Guide

Investors in People
TSO (The Stationery Office)
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This is the definitive resource for the responsible employer. An essential resource for all employers seeking to create a positive working environment in which employees flourish and business goals are achieved. This invaluable guide is the result of over 17 years of good practice established by Investors in People - the UK's most respected and widely recognised people management standard. Compiled in consultation with and supported by the Department of Health.

'Health and Wellbeing Good Practice Guide' reveals the strategies of the most successful organisations - those who have adopted a co-ordinated approach towards health and well being and are now reaping the rewards.

The emphasis is on practical solutions that can be easily adopted and efficiently implemented in organisations of all sizes and sectors. Quick reference 'top-tips' and 'Solutions' text boxes provide step-by-step guidance on many aspects of people management including; work/life balance, absence management, occupational health, evaluation and physical health.

This is a must-have reference book for all modern workplaces. Tried and tested methods will enable the responsible employer to:

  • Reduce sickness absence, increase productivity and motivation.

  • Establish the link between healthy organisations and improved business performance.

  • Create a framework to use in planning, implementing and reviewing steps to improve employee health.

Key features:

  • A practical checklist to benchmark your organisations' current performance and help you to recognise where action is needed.

  • Signposting to free supportive resources from other organisations.

  • Full explanation and guide to the new online self-check and interactive resource.

  • Practical guidance on health interventions and easy-to-adopt solutions to develop a supportive management culture.

  • Guidance on stress management, work-life balance, absence management, return to work, healthy food and physical fitness, and evaluating interventions.

  • Quick reference 'text-boxes' and chapter summaries.

  • Good practice examples from organisations of all sectors and sizes.

  • Links and contact details to other advisory bodies that can help you fulfil your duties as a responsible employer.

Extent tbc ISBN 9780117062665
Size A4 Price £10.20
Format Paperback Published 08 Mar 2010
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