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Organizational Behaviour in Construction

Walker, Anthony
Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd) - John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Organizational Behaviour in Construction - Front
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The core of all successful organizations is the effectiveness withwhich people work together. Individuals have differingcharacteristics and personalities, and the manner in which theyinteract is the key to meeting organizational objectives. This isthe case for all organizations, but particularly so inconstruction, which is distinctly different from other industries.Construction is complex and highly differentiated, with a widerange of specialists with disparate professional skills working ina highly integrated way to deliver projects successfully.Understanding how the people involved in construction behave andwork together is necessary for projects to have successfuloutcomes. <p>Organizational behaviour is an established field in mainstreammanagement literature but general treatments cannot reflect thespecific issues and idiosyncrasies of the construction industry andthe people who inhabit it. Organizational Behaviour inConstruction addresses the behaviour of individuals and groupswithin the different organizations which come together onconstruction projects and within the organizations created tomanage projects. It describes how their behaviour impacts on theperformance of construction organizations and their contribution tothe project as a whole. Drawing on mainstream organizationalliterature but putting it into the specific context ofconstruction, and containing many illustrations drawn from theindustry, this book will be required reading for all seniorundergraduate and postgraduate students of construction, as well asmiddle and senior management in the industry.

Extent 336 pages, Illustrations ISBN 9781405189576
Size N/A Price £38.50
Format N/A Published 13 May 2011
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