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Children's Needs - Parenting Capacity -
Child Abuse: Parental Mental Illness, Learning Disability, Substance Misuse and Domestic Violence: 2nd Edition

This second edition of 'Children's Needs - Parenting Capacity' provides an update on the impact of parental problems, such as substance misuse, domestic violence, learning disability and mental illness, on children's welfare. ...more

Women And Sport: HC 523, First Report of Session 2014-15 - Report, Together with Formal Minutes Relating to the Report

The report 'Women and Sport (HC 513)' examines the long-term health and social care implications of the low participation rates in sport by women and girls, and urges a more imaginative approach to engaging women in sport by ...more

Better Working Pensions: A Consultation On Charging: Cm. 8737

The Government's public consultation paper 'Better Working Pensions: A Consultation On Charging (Cm. 8737)' is proposing to introduce a system of automatic pensions transfers to help people keep better track of their workplace pension savings. ...more

Measuring Child Poverty: A Consultation on Better Measures of Child Poverty: Cm. 8483

The Coalition Government is committed to ending child poverty; the consultation document 'Measuring Child Poverty: A Consultation on Better Measures of Child Poverty (Cm. 8483)' asks how the Government can best ...more

Supporting Separated Families; Securing Children's Futures: Public Consultation: Cm. 8399

'Supporting Separated Families; Securing Children's Futures (Cm. 8399)' sets out the Government's approach for the future of child maintenance, building on existing legislation. It also launches a consultation on the details ...more