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Advances in Agronomy: Volume 115

Advances in Agronomy 115 Sparks, Donald L.

Academic Press Inc - Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc
Advances in Agronomy: Volume 115 - Front
Price: £117.00
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Advances in Agronomy continues to be recognized as a leading reference and a first-rate source for the latest research in agronomy. As always, the subjects covered are varied and exemplary of the myriad of subject matter dealt with by this long-running serial. * Maintains the highest impact factor among serial publications in agriculture * Presents timely reviews on important agronomy issues * Enjoys a long-standing reputation for excellence in the field

Extent 370 pages, black & white illustrations ISBN 9780123942760
Size N/A Price £117.00
Format N/A Published 19 Apr 2012
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