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Daily List 208

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Monday 27th October 2014

Culture & Tourism

Media in the courtroom.

IRIS plus 2014-2.
Corporate Author:
European Audiovisual Observatory

In the week where a major "terrorist" trial in Great Britain will take place behind closed doors, we're looking at the legal situation in Europe regarding media in the courtroom. How does European legislation tread the fine line between open justice and our right to know, and the dangers of trial by media - where the course of justice is influenced by journalists' activities? Case law, national examples and pan-European legislation illustrate the complex legal challenges surrounding courtroom reporting. Our latest legal hot topic now - hot off the press.

  • ISBN: 9789287179166
  • 28.00


The United Kingdom opt-in to the draft CEPOL Regulation: 3rd report of session 2014-15.

House of Lords papers (2014-15) - 52.
Corporate Author:
European Union Committee

CEPOL aims is to bring together senior police officers from across Europe to share research and best practice, to encourage cross-border cooperation in the fight against crime and to help facilitate training and exchange programmes between European police forces. However, in March 2013, the Commission presented a proposal for a new Europol Regulation, one effect of which would have been to merge CEPOL with Europol. The Committee, the Government, the Directors of Europol and CEPOL, the European Parliament and the Council all opposed the proposed merger. A separate Regulation on CEPOL was therefore proposed. The new draft Regulation would allow CEPOL "broader objectives" and "modernised governance". The Government supports the work of CEPOL but is unhappy with a number of proposals in the Regulation, including the removal of the requirement that all attendees on CEPOL courses should be senior police officers, and the suggestion that Member States should designate a national unit to contribute to CEPOL's work programmes. The Committee points out that there are legal reasons why the UK must, at some stage, opt-in to the Regulation. It recommends that the Government to do so now, to give the UK a place at the negotiating table when the draft Regulation is discussed.

  • ISBN: 9780108557309
  • 5.50


Practical approaches to risk minimisation for medicinal products: report of CIOMS Working Group IX.

Corporate Author:
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS). World Health Organization

Risk management of medicines is a wide and rapidly evolving concept and practice, following a medicine throughout its lifecycle, from first administration in humans through clinical studies and then marketing in the patient population at large. Previous reports from CIOMS I - VIII provided practical guidance in some essential components of risk management such as terminology and reporting of adverse drug reactions, management of safety information from clinical trials, and safety signal detection. Beyond the detection, identification, and characterisation of risk, "risk minimisation" is used as an umbrella term for the prevention or mitigation of an undesirable outcome. Risk management always includes tools for "routine risk minimisation" such as product information, the format depending on the jurisdiction, to inform the patient and the prescriber, all of which serve to prevent or mitigate adverse effects. Until this current CIOMS IX document, limited guidance has been available on how to determine which risks need "additional risk minimisation," select the appropriate tools, apply and implement such tools globally and locally, and measure if they are effective and valuable. Included in the report is a CIOMS framework for the evaluation of effectiveness of risk minimisation, a discussion of future trends and developments, an annex specifically addressing vaccines, and examples from real life.

  • ISBN: 9789290360841
  • 39.00


Progress on sanitation and drinking-water: 2014 update.

Corporate Author:
World Health Organization

This 2014 update report of the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation, known as the JMP, is split in three sections. The first section presents the status of and trends in access to improved drinking water sources and sanitation. The second section provides a snapshot of inequalities in access to improved drinking water sources and sanitation. The final section presents efforts to strengthen monitoring of access to safe drinking water and sanitation services under a post-2015 development agenda, as well as the challenges associated with these efforts. Annexes at the back of the report provide supplementary information on the JMP method, MDG regional groupings, data, tables and trend figures.

  • ISBN: 9789241507240
  • 26.00

Law & Order

Police, the media, and high-profile criminal investigations: fifth report of session 2014-15: report, together with formal minutes relating to the report.

House of Commons papers (2014-15) - 629.
Corporate Author:
Home Affairs Committee
Keith Vaz (chairman)

This report considers the events surrounding the police raid on 14 August of the home of Sir Cliff Richard OBE in Berkshire, and the circumstances under which the BBC came to have advance information about the raid. It concludes that South Yorkshire Police's handling of this situation was inept. The naming of suspects (or the confirming of a name when it is put to a force) when there is no operational need to do so is wrong. South Yorkshire Police should not have tried to cut a deal with the journalist, but rather approached senior BBC executives to explain the damage that such premature disclosure could do to the investigation. The BBC's Director General, Lord Hall, confirmed to the Committee that the BBC would act on such requests from Chief Constables. In the absence of any such approach from South Yorkshire, the BBC was well within its rights to run the story, although as a result Sir Cliff himself has suffered enormous, irreparable damage to his reputation. It appears that the BBC reporter clearly identified the source of his leak as Operation Yewtree. It is unfortunate therefore that South Yorkshire Police did not notify the Metropolitan Police so that the source of the Yewtree leak could be investigated.

  • ISBN: 9780215078445
  • 6.50

Science & Technology

Diagnostic radiology physics: a handbook for teachers and students

Corporate Author:
International Atomic Energy Agency
D.R. Dance (technical editor)

This publication is aimed at students and teachers involved in programmes that train medical physicists for work in diagnostic radiology. It provides, in the form of a syllabus, a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required for the practice of modern diagnostic radiology. This makes it particularly useful for graduate students and residents in medical physics programmes. The material presented in the publication has been endorsed by the major international organisations and is the foundation for academic and clinical courses in both diagnostic radiology physics and in emerging areas such as imaging in radiotherapy.

  • ISBN: 9789201310101
  • 93.00