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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Health and Safety

The IMO-Vega database. Version 18 (2013).

Corporate Author:
International Maritime Organization

The IMO-Vega Database is an essential tool for anyone involved in shipping: ship-owners and operators, shipbuilders, classification societies, casualty investigators, governments, insurers and underwriters, port authorities, surveyors and many others. IMO-Vega, developed jointly by IMO and Det Norske Veritas (DNV), puts all the necessary information at your fingertips. Given year of build, ship type, ship size, cargo and trade area, IMO-Vega will quickly identify the requirements applicable to the ship in question. Unlike other, similar products, IMO-Vega contains historical data including regulations which have been superseded. In the context of Port State Control, for example, access to the correct historical regulations is essential.

  • ISBN: 9789280115772
  • 700.00 + VAT
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Science & Technology

Approaches for assessing the economic competitiveness of small and medium sized reactors.

IAEA nuclear energy series NG-T-3.7.
Corporate Author:
International Atomic Energy Agency

This report was prepared with the following objectives: (i) to assist existing and potential stakeholders in Member States in understanding the economic competitiveness of small and medium sized reactor (SMR) technologies compared to other energy sources and large reactors (LRs); (ii) to inform available approaches and frameworks to assess the economic competitiveness of advanced SMRs and LRs under specific conditions of their application; and (iii) to share knowledge on positive experiences of several Member States that have introduced SMRs into their energy mix. To make SMRs attractive and competitive, it is necessary to reduce the risk of investment by verifying the technology itself, and by enhancing and incorporating the accumulated experience associated with the implementation of this technology. To satisfy these criteria, it may be necessary to offer those SMR technologies that are currently implemented widely, and already have a track record of success and a developed industrial infrastructure. Newer SMR technologies may need to be deployed first to niche markets in the nuclear power plant supplier countries in order to establish a technological base and related infrastructure prior to offering them to developing countries.

  • ISBN: 9789201442109
  • 45.00
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Social Issues

Too soon to scrap the census: fifteenth report of session 2013-14: report, together with formal minutes relating to the report.

House of Commons papers (2013-14) - 1090.
Corporate Author:
Public Administration Select Committee
Bernard Jenkin (chairman)

At the start of this Parliament, the Minister for the Cabinet Office indicated the ten-yearly census should be axed and the 2011 census should be the last. But in this report the Public Administration Select Committee urges the government not to scrap the 2021 census. Good figures on the people in the country are of fundamental importance to the statistical system, policy makers and society more widely, and the ten-yearly census gives detailed information on small areas. This report follows the National Statistician's announcement in March 2014 that she recommends that Government keep the Census in 2021, but that it should be conducted largely online, and that the Government should make much greater use of the data which it already holds in order to improve the accuracy of population estimates. The Committee supports the recommendation from the National Statistician, but urges the Office for National Statistics to do much more to make the best use of the data which the Government already collects, for example through the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs and the Department of Health. The Committee says that the Office for National Statistics' work on the future of the Census has, to date, been limited, and recommends that the Office for National Statistics now sets out a much more ambitious vision for the use of this data to provide rich and valuable population statistics.

  • ISBN: 9780215071675
  • 9.00
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